Welcome to Wives United in Prayer
Founder's Message:

Most women will agree that their wedding day is an important day in their life.  A day filled with many hopes and dreams, vows and promises of a fairytale marriage from that day forward.  What happens when things are not what you expected?  Or when you and your prince charming seem to disagree on just about everything? 

Studies show that more and more couples these days are opting for divorce, finding it easier to renounce their vows instead of holding on to the faith and love of God that brought them together in holy matrimony.  The prevalence of divorce and lack of commitment to make things work are destroying our families and communities.  When marriage is strong, so is the family life and society.

How do you handle the conflict? Where do you turn?  - Wives United In Prayer.
It is my dream that Wives United In Prayer (WUIP) will serve as a resource and provide support for women to unite with other godly women to help strengthen and empower their marriages as well as each other, and show a positive light on marriages in our communities and all over the world.  The world needs to see that marriages work and most importantly, our children need to grow up in homes filled with positive images of strong marriages.  

Marriages are under attack and we need support systems like WUIP to use as armor to shield from the negative influences in the world. One of the most important things you can do each day is to put God first in your marriage.

Carmen Collins

W.U.I.P-"Let our light shine so no wife is left behind to deal with any negative influences alone."